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Medical Malpractice

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Your initial consultation with our firm about medical malpractice abuse is free. When you hire our firm, you do not have to pay any money unless we recover money for you. If we recover money for you, our attorney fee is determined by the percentage set forth by the Florida Supreme Court for all attorneys.

What to do if you or a loved one is injured:

1. Take pictures of the scene of the injury and of the injuries.

2. Get the names and addresses of all witnesses to the injury, especially the employees at the medical facility.

3. Contact our office immediately. Medical malpractice claims must adhere to procedural and legal guidelines or your claim may be lost. An attorney can properly present your claims for maximum value.

4. Do not sign any papers from the insurance company or medical provider. They want to settle your entire case for as low a sum of money. Many adjusters tell people to sign documents up front, sometimes for an initial payment of money and promise that more money will be paid letter. In truth, the papers often release them from any future payments and the person’s entire claim is lost.

5. Do not give the insurance company or medical provider a recorded or written statement. If you misspeak, the adjuster will try to use your own words against you. If you present your statement properly, the adjuster may “lose” it or refuse to provide you with a copy or alter it. If a statement is required, it should be done in the presence of your attorney, with a certified court reporter, and with a certified interpreter (if necessary).

If you would like to consult our firm regarding your case, call us at 1-800-411-6267.  We would like to meet with you personally, answer any questions that you have, and make copies of the important documents for your file so we can get to work immediately.

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