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Automobile Collisions

Car Accident Lawyer


An automobile collision occurs when a car collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, road debris or other stationary obstruction.  Traffic collisions can be classified by types such as head-on, rear-end, side impact, rollover or road departure. We will maximize your claim because collisions occur due to the failure to follow the rules that protect users of the road from needless harm.

You or a family member could be needlessly harmed by:

a. A failure to obey a traffic control device such as a red light, stop or yield sign

b. A failure to follow roadway markings such as lane or directional markings

c. A failure to maintain proper distance

d. A failure to maintain safe speed, such as going too fast or too slow

e. A failure to not drive while impaired—impairment can occur with the use of alcohol, drugs, medications, sleep deprivation, physical conditions, and medical conditions.

Not only can crashes cause damage to property, they can also damage your physical wellbeing. If you have suffered damages in an automobile collision, it is strongly recommend you do the following:

1. Get medical assistance immediately. Nothing is more important than your health and the health of your loved ones. If you feel hurt get medical attention.

2. Contact law enforcement. Make sure that a report is made and that you or your family obtain a copy of the exchange of information or a police report number, as we will need these documents to pursue your claim.

3. Take pictures and/or videos. Make sure that there are pictures of the injuries that you suffered and the damage to the vehicles involved. Pictures from various angles can help us tell your story in a clear and powerful way. Today, almost all of us own a cell phone capable of taking pictures and videos. Cell phone images can powerfully impact your case.

4. Contact our office. When you report an automobile collision, the insurance company will deploy a team of people to evaluate your claim. The purpose of these insurance employees is to evaluate your claim and to resolve it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to the benefit of the insurance company. See the insurance claims page for more information.

5. Be wary, get educated, and act. There are numerous people who solicit accident victims on behalf of attorneys, clinics, medical providers, and those who claim to work on behalf of the injured. Before making a decision, take time to ask if you are being presented with the best option available. If you are solicited, know that unsought solicitation may be illegal and/or unethical. Why soil your claim when you can do things right from the beginning? Get educated about your rights and what resources are available to assist you.

6. Document first, document second, and document third. If you were injured, now is the time to keep records of your property damage (estimates, receipts, etc.), lost wages, medical and medication records, expenses, equipment and transportation to and from medical appointments (miles, tolls). If possible, supplement receipts with a journal as they may serve as powerful supplement to the presentation of your claim.

A lot of advertising targets people who have been injured in automobile accidents. It makes a difference, however, in how you and your attorney approach these claims. If you or a loved one has been injured by an automobile collision, call us immediately.

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