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Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises Liability

What is a Premises Liability? 

Premises liability includes the property owner’s legal responsibility for any injuries to those present on site. Such injuries can be caused by a number of factors, including: inadequate protection, slip and falls, insufficient lighting, unsafe mats, defective benches, excavations, concealed hazards and wet floors. In general, an owner may be at fault if they knowingly have not maintained a safe environment. 

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of unsafe premises you must show that the owner has been negligent in terms of possession and/or maintenance of the property in order to win a case of premises liability. Reach out to our premises liability lawyers today to review your case.

You or a family member could be needlessly harmed by:

  • A failure to obey safety standards to protect the public from needless harm
  • A failure to perform safety evaluations
  • A failure to implement safety improvements
  • A failure to properly train agents and employees
  • A failure to take action when such was required.

Slip & Fall is a common type of Premises Liability Case

What to Do if You Have Been Injured

Get Medical Attention

Get medical assistance immediately. Nothing is more important than your health and the health of your loved ones. If you feel hurt, get medical attention. Even if you feel like it can wait, often the aftermath of an injury can appear hours or days following the injury. 

Contact Law Enforcement

Contact law enforcement and/or make a report with the landowner/proprietor. Make sure that a report is made and that you or your family obtains a copy, as we will need these documents to pursue your claim.

Contact our office

When you report a case of premise liabilities, the insurance company or proprietor may deploy a person(s) to evaluate your claim. The purpose of these employees is to evaluate your claim and to resolve your claim as quickly and cost-effective as possible to the benefit of the insurance company. See the insurance claims page for more information.

Be wary, get educated, and act.

There are numerous people who solicit accident victims on behalf of attorneys, clinics, medical providers, and persons who claim to work on behalf of the injured. Before making a decision, take the time to ask if you are being presented with the best option available. If you are solicited, know that unsought solicitation may be illegal and/or unethical. Why soil your claim when you can do things right from the beginning? Get educated about your rights and what resources are available to assist you.

Document Everything

If you were injured, now is the time to keep records of your damage (estimates, receipts, etc.), lost wages, medical and medication records, expenses, equipment and transportation to and from medical appointments (miles, tolls). If possible, supplement receipts with a journal as they may serve as a powerful supplement to the presentation of your claim.

Now It’s Your Turn

Get Your Free Case Evaluation

“I was scared to do anything about my accident but Attorney Jose Garcia is super personable and made me feel comfortable throughout my entire claim. Thank you!”

– J. Elliot

When Should I Call An Attorney Regarding my Premises Liability Case?

A lot of advertising targets people who have been injured in premise liability cases. It makes a difference, however, in how you and your attorney approach these claims. If you or a loved one has been injured, call us immediately.

How Do I Know if Your Firm is Right for me?

Contact us directly to speak with a legal expert about your injury. We will fight for your rights to ensure you get compensated for your injury and move on with your life.

If we cannot serve you for whatever reason, we will gladly refer you to another trusted law firm in Central Florida.

how long does a typical Premises Liability lawsuit take?

Every situation and case is different. We strive to do our best to shorten the amount of time it takes for you to get on with your life after a premises liability injury.

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