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Visiting the obgyn, especially for the first time can be a little uncomfortable. Whether you are seeing an obgyn for birth control or you are pregnant and have regular check ups, the doctor may perform tests on you that aren’t so pleasing. You may be asked to put your feet up while the doctor examines your personal area in which sometimes they use foreign objects. This procedure is already uncomfortable enough, if there is obgyn malpractice involved, your experience at the doctor’s can be traumatizing. Doctor’s have a lot of training behind them and they should make minimal mistakes if any. If you have been treated poorly by your obgyn, you should talk with our medical malpractice attorney at JGarcia Law Firm in Orlando and Kissimmee.


You hear stories about bizarre things happening to patients but you never think it will happen to you. Unfortunately, it can. When you read up on the statistics, they are mind blowing and quite frankly, a little bit scary. Nearly 70% of doctors interviewed in a survey said they have been sued for obgyn malpractice and 50% of these physicians have been sued more than once. In 32% of cases, lawsuits against an obgyn are settled in deposition and in 15% of cases, a verdict was reached at trial. When cases are brought to trial, 16% of them are won by the physician and only 5% are won by the victim. This should not discourage you from pursuing a lawsuit against your practitioner because JGarcia Law Firm is here to fight for you.

Types Of Obgyn Malpractice

There are quite a few different types of medical malpractice at an obgyn. Some of these malpractices include:

  • Death of a mother or baby- If your baby is not delivered correctly, it can result in the death of your baby or even you. Our medical malpractice attorney will work hard to make sure that you or your family are compensated for such a serious loss.
  • Failed tubal ligation- There are three different ways a tube can fail; the fallopian tube can be missed during the surgery and the tube may not even be closed at all, the tube could form a new opening, and the rejoining of tubal lumens can occur.
  • Shoulder dystocia- When your baby is being delivered, the anterior shoulder cannot be passed below, or it has to be manipulated to pass below the pubic symphysis. This happens when the shoulder fails to deliver after the fetal head.
  • C-Section- A C-Section has to happen when the doctor cannot perform a natural birthing process. They will have to cut you open to deliver your baby safely.

If you are ever in any of these situations, our medical malpractice attorney in Orlando can help you!


When you have been treated poorly by your obgyn, you have to speak to our medical malpractice attorney at JGarcia Law Firm today. Obgyn malpractice is no laughing matter and should be handled seriously and with legal action. To find out how we can help, call us today at 407-649-6448 or visit our website! 411attorney.com




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