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Any time someone is abused, it can be a traumatizing experience and it is definitely life changing. No one should ever have to experience abuse, but it happens all too often and people are affected by it everyday. No one is safe from abuse for any reason. People are harmed at all different ages and in different settings. One place that someone may be abused is a nursing home. When you think about nursing homes, you probably just think about nurses caring for the elderly and everyone being helpful and happy, but this is not always the case. Unfortunately, there have been cases of elderly abuse in nursing homes in Orlando and if you or someone you know has been involved in this type of harm, contact our nursing home abuse attorney at JGarcia Law Firm, P.A.

Who Can Be Harmed In A Nursing Home?

Nursing home abuse can happen to anyone who is in an elder care facility, not just the elderly. Abuse can occur to a nurse, visiting family, or any other staff members. It is important to do background checks on all of the employees and to ask many questions in the interview to ensure that when you hire that person, you are not putting anyone’s life in danger. The nursing home abuse attorney at JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. can attest to the fact that if there is a predator in the building, anyone can be abused. If you see any type of elder abuse, make sure you speak up and either call 9-1-1 or call for a nurse.


Abuse is upsetting and sometimes be uncomfortable to talk about, but you should never feel alone. There are other people that have been through what you have endured and you should talk to someone after a tragic event. When we say you are not alone, we mean that 1 in 10 elders over the age of 60 have been subject to elderly abuse. It is estimated that as high as 5 million elders are abused every year. A study shows that only 1 in every 14 cases of abuse are reported. Speaking up may cause some hesitation but it will only make you stronger. Abusers can be men and women and our nursing home abuse attorney in Orlando will tell you that in almost 60% of elderly abuse cases, the perpetrator is a family member. Two-thirds of these family members are either adult children or spouses. Some people are more vulnerable to abuse because they have physical and/or mental illness. As you age, you may lose some bodily function and you may not always remember things which puts you at a higher risk of being abused.


Elderly abuse is a difficult situation to deal with and you shouldn’t have to go through it alone. If you or someone you know has been abused in a nursing home in Orlando, contact our nursing home abuse attorney at JGarcia Law Firm, P.A.. You can call us at 407-649-6448 or visit our website! 411attorney.com.

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