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Negligence in nursing homes can be devastating, not just for the patient, but their loved ones who entrusted the care of someone they love to the elder care center. The type of negligence they may suffer from in a nursing home can present itself in variety of forms and it is important to look for the signs of these types of neglect so that you may file a case against the nursing home for the suffering that your loved one underwent. JGarcia Law Firm, a nursing home abuse attorney in Orlando, FL, can assist you with your case and ensure that your loved ones get justice for the neglect they suffered.

Negligence That Occurs in Nursing Homes

  1. Emotional neglect or nursing home abuse

Emotional neglect is the type of neglect wherein the staff of the nursing home verbally abuses or mistreats the patient. This can cause the patient to become withdrawn and nervous around the nursing home staff, as well as others. Emotional neglect can easily transform into abuse and it is for this reason that you must be wary of the behavioral changes in the patient. Because of the mental and emotional impact this can have on the patient, it is important that it is reported quickly.

  1. Social neglect

A patient that is being socially neglected is left alone for long stretches of time or ignored altogether. They do not receive the social interaction necessary for their happiness and mental health. This can lead to a withdrawal on the part of the patient both from the nursing home staff and other residents of the nursing home. Changes in their behavior can indicate social neglect. This type of neglect can also be seriously harmful to the mental well being of the patient.

  1. Personal hygiene neglect

Patients who suffer from personal hygiene neglect do not receive the help they need to do their laundry, clean their space, bathe themselves, brush their teeth, or whatever else they may need, to maintain their own personal hygiene. If you notice a change in the patient’s personal hygiene or the effort they make with their appearance, this may be a sign of personal hygiene neglect.

  1. Basic needs neglect

Basic needs neglect is straightforward. When the nursing home is committing this type of neglect, they are not giving the patient what they require for their basic needs. This can include water, food, or a safe environment. Signs of this type of neglect can be noted if the patient is losing a significant amount of weight, suffers from dehydration, or there are unsafe elements in the nursing home or the patient’s room.

  1. Medical neglect

Medical neglect can be the deadliest type of neglect. Under medical neglect, nursing homes do not provide the attention necessary to prevent and treat medical concerns that are common in nursing homes, such as bedsores, diabetes, cuts, infections, mobility concerns, and cognitive diseases. Signs of this type of neglect include seeing a patient with the actual medical concerns—such as bedsores—or even death. A nursing home abuse attorney can assist you in filing a case against the nursing home in the event that your loved one suffers from a wrongful death.


Neglect in nursing homes can be catastrophic not just for the elder in the home but for you as their legal caretaker. Once you identify neglect and decide to file a case against a nursing home for your loved one’s suffering, contact JGarcia Law Firm, who will provide you with a nursing home abuse attorney in Orlando, FL to assist you.

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