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It can be a very daunting and emotional process when you have to put a family member or friend in a nursing home. Unfortunately, as people grow older, they have less mobility and need a little extra help during the day and at night. If you do not have an in-home caretaker, you may need to consider going to a nursing home. Nursing homes offer many benefits for residents and make it easier to make friends and always stay involved in different activities. As great as nursing home experiences can be, there is a downside. Sometimes residents are taken advantage of and abused. When this happens, it can be devastating to a family. Our nursing home abuse attorney in Orlando is dedicated to helping you receive the compensation you deserve when you or a family member are abused in a nursing home.

What Are Restraints?

Nursing home residents should love and enjoy where they live. The last thing they should be feeling is scared. Unfortunately, the living experience isn’t always pleasing for residents. Nurses are the right hand to residents and they have to take care of all of their needs. Residents should be able to trust their nurses and their nurses should always be gentle and kind. When nurses are having trouble with a resident or they are insubordinate, they sometimes use restraints, which is not recommended. The JGarcia Law Firm is against using physical restraints. Restraining residents takes away their freedom and can be very intimidating and painful. When someone is restrained, they are put on a flat surface and restrained from moving. No one’s freedom should ever be taken away form them and nursing home residents should never be harmed. Our nursing home abuse attorney in Orlando can clarify what restraints are.

Different Types Of Restraints

Physical Restraints- This is the most common type of restraint which prevents someone from moving freely. Physical restraints may include a wrist, ankle, or waist restraint. A technique used to restrain residents is tucking a sheet in tightly so the resident cannot move. Using an enclosure bed is also a form of physical restraint.

Chemical Restraints- A chemical restraint is very serious and always harmful. This is when a resident is given a drug that is in the form a regular looking pill and will affect the body by restricting movement. This is very dangerous because most of the time, these drugs are not approved or even given in an appropriate dosage. Chemical restraints are high-risk restraints and could lead to death. This should never be an option for nursing home residents.

Seclusion- When someone is secluded, they are put in a small room by themselves and are prevented from leaving. They can just be put in the room freely or they can be physically restrained when they are placed in the room.


If you are in a nursing home or you have relative or friend who is being abused at their nursing home, contact the JGarcia Law Firm at 321-234-9300 or visit our website to see the services we provide.

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