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Find a Wrongful Death Attorney

When you have a case for wrongful death, the first thing to do is find an attorney who can help. Make sure to keep all the information organized and contact an attorney right away. Do not sign anything from the insurance company until told otherwise, and do not give them any paperwork about the wrongful death case. If you misspeak, it will can be held against you. Making sure that you have everything in order ahead of time, and all your talking points will make it easier for you, and your attorney when making a case and setting things straight with your wrongful death claim. JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. in Orlando FL, has the staff to build a case for you and your family.

5 Things to consider about wrongful death cases

  • What are wrongful death claims?

A wrongful death claim is made when a death occurs due to the negligence of another. If someone is killed by an intoxicated driver, crossing the street, or etc. These types of lawsuits carry no criminal charges, assist loved ones in their loss, medical bills and other costs. If a loved one has been killed in a similar event to one like one of these listed above, reach out to the JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. to speak with a wrongful death attorney.

  1. Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?

If you are a parent, spouse, or child of the deceased, you qualify to file a claim. However, minors might require an adult who has custody or legal guardianship over them to file for wrongful death. In certain states, grandparents and step-parents are also allowed to file for wrongful death claims.

  1. What you need to know to file the lawsuit?

If you feel you have a wrongful death case on your hands, you should reach out to one of the JGarcia Law Firm P.A.’s wrongful death attorneys in the Orlando area to be sure. Once speaking to us, we can help you collect all important information, gain an understanding of the law and case at hand. We can help put your mind at ease and make the process run smoothly as you are recovering from the death of a lost one.

  1. Compensation coverage when filing for wrongful death of a loved one

This can cover medical expenses that your loved one had before their wrongful death occurred. It can help with funeral expenses, as well as the pain and suffering you or your family members may be going through. It can help in ways you may not have thought of until it is brought to your attention, so it does not hurt to ask.

  1. Statute of Limitations

Each wrongful death claim has a different time frame in which the family member needs to file by. In general, you are permitted between 1 and 3 years depending on which state you file in, from the time of your lawsuit. It is important to stay on top of everything and know your case details so that you and your wrongful death attorney are on the same page.


If a loved one has been in a wrongful death situation and you are looking for a wrongful death attorney, call 407.649.6448 for the JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. in Orlando, FL today to set up a meeting.

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