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When is it Not a Medical Malpractice Case?
January 15, 2018
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It is difficult to determine what is medical negligence when dealing with a medical malpractice case. Hiring medical malpractice lawyers from JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. in Kissimmee, FL  to discuss your case is one of the best ways to find a solution.

Are You Dealing with Medical Negligence?


Statute of Limitations – medical malpractice lawyers can show you what is expected and help you better understand what needs to come of your case. This needs to occur within 2 to 4 years of your case so that the malpractice can be noted and used properly.


Standard of Care – Doctors are not required to give the best practice, only baseline care, known as “the best they can” provide. As long as you receive this care, you cannot sue them.


Speculative Damages – in some cases there are obvious negligence but because the patient was proactive about following up and getting treatment, no actual harm was done. Even though something horrible could have happened, the patient did not take it upon themselves to seek care when something bad happened.


Expense – This is a popular reason for a lot of cases. Many health care providers have similar cases where they would like to sue. Medical negligence is a tough situation when involving insurance expenses because your medical records may say one thing and word of mouth may say another. A medical malpractice case can cost thousands of dollars by the time it goes to trial; however, medical malpractice lawyers are here to look at your case and decide if it is real malpractice or not.


Privacy – There is no way to provide proof of anyone overstepping into your private records. When you seek medical attention, you are taking a risk in giving your information because medical professionals have the right to hold your information when they treat you. This does not necessitate attention from a lawyer.


Miscarriage – Although this is a devastating experience to go through, there are many reasons why it does not fall under medical malpractice. You can turn to medical malpractice lawyer for advice, but it will not always make a case in court.


Hire Medical Malpractice Lawyers


JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. is here to discuss your case and make sure your medical negligence is taken care of. It is important to us that all clients get their cases reviewed in depth with all evidence brought to the table. The more evidence you have for us, like photos, documents, witness statements, medical records, and more, we will be able to build a case. Even if your case is not medical malpractice, we can stand by your side and get your loved one the attention they deserve.


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If you are wondering if your case is medical malpractice or not, reach out to JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. so we can look over your case and answer any questions you may have. We have two convenient locations here in Florida in Kissimmee and Orlando. Come to us today, do not wait to resolve your case any longer.