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Medical malpractice is a very serious charge that can inflict some serious damage on the reputation and career of any medical practitioner. In Orlando, medical malpractice claims can be associated with surgical procedures, routine visits to the doctor’s office or a visit to the dentist among others. Medical malpractice is defined as a negligent act that is committed by a healthcare provider or a medical practitioner. The malpractice can be said to have occurred only if it can be proved that negligence led to harm to the patient. If you or your medical facility is faced with such a charge, you need to move with speed and hire an Orlando medical malpractice attorney from JGarcia Law firm who are renowned medical negligence lawyers with good repute in defending medical practitioners and facilities facing medical malpractice charges.

Why do you need Orlando Medical Negligence Lawyers?

As stated above, medical malpractice lawsuits are high-stake. This is because of the effect of such malpractices have both on the claimant and on the defendant. The claimant might have suffered a severe disablement due to the negligence. This might cost the medical practitioner or the medical facility considerable penalties in fines and damages paid to the claimant. In some cases, this can cause the defendant if found guilty to lose his or her practice license. For this reason, if a malpractice suit is filed against you in Orlando, don’t waste any time get one of the best medical negligence lawyers to defend you.

What to expect in the proceedings

Once a claimant or his loved one brings a claim of negligence citing you for causing the claimant to develop quadriplegia, you will be judged based on:

  1. The level of competence and professionalism that you demonstrated when handling the claimant.
  2. The level of care you provided to the claimant.

iii. How items on (i) and (ii) above compare to the best and acceptable practices in the field of medical practice.

Additionally, you should expect to be judged against other practitioners who have handled similar or near similar medical cases in the past. If the care you provided does not compare with that offered by the other professionals, you may be found guilty of causing the patient to develop quadriplegia.

How to mount a viable defense when faced with a medical malpractice lawsuit

Once you are served with legal documents citing you for causing quadriplegia in your patient, you need to hire a good Orlando Medical Malpractice Attorney to defend you. These medical malpractice lawyers are well versed in law and will do their very best to make sure that you get a fighting chance in court. Your attorney will seek to defend you by proving that you did not act negligently when handling the patient. He or she might argue that:

  1. The patient gave informed consent even after the doctor briefed him of the risks involved in the medical procedure.
  2. The patient failed to reveal a medical history which led to a misdiagnosis.


To increase the chances of winning a medical malpractice case that has been brought against you, make sure that you furnish your Orlando medical malpractice attorney with all documents that might help him build a solid defense for your case. At JGarcia Law Firm, we have a team of medical negligence lawyers who have what it takes to mount a serious defense and protect you from penalties that come from medical malpractice lawsuits. Contact us today for a free quotation.

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