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Imagine you are performing your daily tasks and suddenly you receive a call that someone you love is in the hospital and has suffered paralysis from an unexpected injury. This can be devastating for family and friends. This catastrophe can happen in the blink of an eye, and at the most unlikely times. You can be driving to work and all of a sudden someone crashes right into you because they aren’t paying attention. The accident wasn’t your fault, but now the consequences will live with you forever. Any time you are injured, our catastrophic injury lawyer at JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. urges you to seek medical attention. The last thing you want to do is put off an injury and have it become worse.

3 Types Of Catastrophic Injuries That Can Result In Paralysis

There are three major catastrophic injuries that can result in paralysis. Our Orlando medical malpractice attorney discusses some of the most popular injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injuries- A traumatic brain injury is a personal injury that can result in a person suffering permanent neurological damage. This injury may result in lifelong difficulties that vary based on the degree of the injury. This severe injury affects 1.4 million Americans every single year. TBIs account for more than 23% of all paralysis victims in the US.
  • Spinal cord injuries- The actual result of this injury depends on the extent of the damage and part of the spine that was affected. A spinal cord injury can result in partial or complete paralysis. The victim may lose their motor skills, and suffer impaired breathing and other functionality issues. A spinal cord injury may require lifetime care. If a loved one has been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, call our catastrophic injury lawyer right away.
  • Neck injuries- A neck injury is very serious and typically requires surgery, physical therapy, and an entire lifetime of assisted care.

Call Our Catastrophic Injury Lawyer After A Catastrophic Injury

When someone you love is injured and it results in paralysis, it can be confusing and scary for loved ones to decide the next step’s in the victim’s treatment. The very first thing you want to do is make sure the victim is OK and bring them to the hospital if you are around to witness the accident. If not, you will most likely receive a call from the hospital informing you of the injury, but it is vital that they are brought to the hospital right away. Our Orlando medical malpractice attorney urges you to make sure that before you proceed on the legal side of things, the victim is under the care of a doctor.


If someone you love has been involved in a catastrophic accident that results in paralysis, you need to contact our Orlando medical malpractice attorney. We are here to fight for you at JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. and will make sure we work tirelessly to provide justice for you and your case. To talk with our catastrophic injury lawyer, call us at 407-649-6448 or visit our website! 411attorney.com

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