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When a parent or other beloved relative advances in their age, it is sometimes necessary to check them into a nursing home. Though this can be a difficult decision, nursing homes offer round-the-clock care and the amenities necessary in order for senior citizens to thrive. As a elder law attorney Orlando resident turn to, we can say that it’s important to make sure that any nursing home you choose is reputable. Here are a few ways to tell if a nursing home is a good one.


A nursing home should immediately be disqualified from consideration if it’s in noticeable disarray. When viewing it, it shouldn’t have any obvious signs of clutter or uncleanliness. If the people operating the nursing home are unable or unwilling to keep their property in good health, you can’t expect for them to keep their residents in good health either.


A nursing home isn’t necessarily going to be the happiest place in the world, but there’s no reason for everyone there to be completely miserable. You can get a sense of this by taking a tour. Notice how the residents seem. Is there a feeling of depression permeating the air? If so, you should look for another nursing home. This also applies to the staff members. If the nurses and other caregivers seem unfriendly and unresponsive to you, they’re likely equally uncaring towards their residents.


A nursing home should not be like a prison where residents only eat and sleep with nothing to look forward to. It should provide senior citizens with a chance to enjoy themselves. Look to see what sort of activities are on the docket and how the residents enjoy them.


Even if a nursing home presents itself as being a haven for the elderly and your visit doesn’t raise any alarms inside you, there can still be concerns. Before viewing any nursing home, you should do a search for it on Google. If any concerning news articles pop up, immediately take it out of consideration. You should also consult with the Better Business Bureau to see what sort of complaints, if any, have been leveled against it.

An Elder Law Attorney Orlando Residents Trust

Anyone who needs an elder law attorney Orlando residents trust should call the JGarcia Law Firm. We specialize in all matters pertaining to the care and well-being of the elderly. This also extends to our role as a nursing home abuse attorney.

The JGarcia Law Firm will do everything to make sure that elderly citizens are treated fairly. As a nursing home abuse attorney, we investigate all matters of mistreatment done by nursing homes to residents. If you or a relative or other beloved person has been abused in a nursing home, we can help you to file an abuse claim.


For an elder law attorney Orlando locals trust, we know all about being an effective nursing home abuse attorney. Please call our office today. It is crucial that we provide the support necessary in order to help you win your case.

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