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Sexual abuse is a very serious accusation and if it happens to you and you would like to report it, The JGarcia Law Firm is here for you. It is a very uncomfortable topic to talk about and we know that, so we will be very compassionate and understanding. We will not force information out of you as we will wait for you to come to terms with what happened and speak about it in a comfortable environment. If you do decide to report sexual abuse at a nursing home, be prepared to talk about it, at least enough to build a case. It is a very brave thing to do when you come forward and speak up about abuse, and we are here to help you through these hard times.

Sexual Abuse Statistics

Per the Nursing Home Abuse Guide, “this heinous crime happens way too often and victims of sexual abuse at a nursing home will never be the same again. The perpetrators are not just hurting people in that moment, they are hurting people for their entire lifetime. Victims have to live with what happened for the rest of their natural lives which can cause depression and other issues that victims may not have had before. The statistics for sexual abuse at a nursing home are quite stomach turning. 67% of elderly sexual abuse is done by a family member and 83.3% of these cases are in nursing homes. Only about 30% of people who are abused, report it and women are 6 times more likely to be abused than men. In 81% of sexual abuse cases at a nursing home, the perp is a caregiver.“ These statistics are mind blowing and very sad.

What To Do When You Are Abused

If you experience sexual abuse at a nursing home, it is vital that you call the JGarcia Law Firm and talk with our nursing home abuse attorney who will be very attentive to your situation. Every situation is different and people deal with abuse differently. When you are sexually abused, you should call for help right away. Either scream for a manager in the nursing home or call the police right away. Before you take any legal action, it is important that you take care of your body first. If you need medical attention, call for an ambulance or have a nurse call for you. When you are in the hospital, the police will come and speak with you about what happened. This is when you will file a report. After you have healed physically, we can then proceed to charge the accused with sexual abuse charges. Gather police reports and medical bills for our attorney who will review your case in depth and file charges accordingly.

When you have gone through something as traumatic as sexual abuse at a nursing home, you should heal and cope by standing up for yourself. JGarcia Law Firm is here to fight for you so contact us today at 407-649-6448 or you can visit our website 411attorney.com.

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