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My team and I will listen to you, gather as much information as possible, and move fast to secure your rights. The sooner we meet with you, the better we can prepare your case. We are a team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide quality legal representation to persons who have been needlessly injured by the negligence of another. Traumatic events can have devastating effects on your family. We work with you to efficiently obtain the best results possible.

“Large enough to handle the most complex matters, small enough to maintain excellence.”

Jose F. Garcia, Esq.

What Makes Us Different

The JGarcia Law Firm provides efficient, thorough and complete service to its clients.  Tired of hearing complaints of how attorneys do not keep their clients informed, Mr. Garcia staffed and organized the offices in a manner that allows the staff to call each client every 2-3 weeks.   The firm also communicates with clients in the manner the client prefers, whether by phone, mail or e-mail, the client is kept informed.

When firms grow, they sometimes lose the personal touch with their cases and their clients and this has a detrimental effect on cases and on the attorney-client relationship.  Mr. Garcia makes it a point that the attorneys supervise each step of the litigation.   In this way, the client is better served as the trained trial professional supervises each step.

Many firms mistakenly take and keep every case, to the detriment of the client.   The JGarcia Law Firm consults with, retains, refers, and joins with other top attorneys to better pursue different cases.   This flexibility allows for more effective representation centered on the needs of the client.  In this manner, the firm has been able to “save” and recover in numerous cases that were turned down, ignored, or not worked for other firms.

Giving back to the community is a central component of the firm’s mission statement.  In this area, Mr. Garcia supports local faith-based organizations and groups that provide assistance to families in need, food and clothing to the homeless, support for orphans, widows and single mothers, among others.  Having graduated from Florida Christian College in Kissimmee, Florida, and has worked as a minister in the city of Miami, Florida, Mr. Garcia holds firm that we all play a part in making our community a better a place–“Don’t look for change, be the change”.   The JGarcia Law Firm holds people over profits, compassion over judgment, love over contempt, and relationships over politics.  We believe that it is an honor to represent you and our duty to make our world a better place.


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