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Whenever you need to visit a doctor and have a surgery performed, you may be a little bit nervous. Doctors will only suggest surgery if it is absolutely necessary which means you have something serious going on. This can be a stressful time for people and it can be even more trying when your surgeon messes up. No one is perfect and people make mistakes, even doctors, but when a surgeon commits an error, it can cost someone their life. Luckily, to become a doctor, you need to be in school for many years and complete a residency before becoming certified in order to prevent life threatening mistakes. Surgical malpractice can be devastating and if you are involved in a case like this, you must call our Orlando medical malpractice attorney at JGarcia Law Firm.

5 Common Errors

Unfortunately, even doctors make mistakes and when this happens, it can have serious consequences. Doctors are entrusted with people’s lives and if even the slightest thing goes wrong, the person being operated on could die. A few of the common errors that doctors make that lead to claims cases include:

  • Foreign objects left in the body- Surgeons sometimes leave pads, gauze, and even clamps in the body before closing up the incision. This can cause pain, infection, and even death if it is not noticed and treated right away.
  • Operating on the wrong surgical site- When doctors are rushing, mistakes are made. Sometimes doctors operate on a completely different body part. This is common in kidney transplants and amputations.
  • Wrong patient surgery- Wrong patient surgery is a form of surgical malpractice and believe it or not, doctors sometimes perform the wrong surgery on a patient. There is a procedure they have to do to make sure they are operating on the right patient but doctors don’t always do this.
  • Nerve damage- Steadiness is key during surgery. If the doctor flicks their wrist wrong or they have a hand tremor, they can cause nerve damage to the patient. Usually nerve damage results in a lifetime of pain or disability.
  • Anesthesia errors- providing the wrong dosage of anesthesia is extremely common and could be a deadly surgical error. When there is too much anesthesia, the patient does not receive enough oxygen to the brain which can cause brain damage or even death.

What To Do If Your Surgeon Commits an Error

When your surgeon has caused damage to your body due to surgical errors, you must talk with our Orlando medical malpractice attorney. First, you will want to gather all of the evidence and information from the hospital. This includes all of the paperwork you have recieved before and after the surgery and hopefully we can obtain the video footage of the surgery.


If you have been injured due to surgical negligence, contact our Orlando medical malpractice attorney at JGarcia Law Firm. Surgical malpractice can happen in any hospital and there are many surgical errors that happen frequently. If you have been a victim of a wrongful surgery call us at 407-649-6448 or visit our website! 411attorney.com.

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