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When you selected a nursing home for your loved one, it was because of the promise of around the clock care. At first, things seemed to be going well and your loved one was happy. Lately though, there are signs that things are not exactly as they should be. Here are five of the more common signs that your loved one is being neglected and possibly subjected to abuse. If any of these are present, it makes sense to arrange a consultation with a nursing home abuse attorney.

A Loss of Mobility

Part of the support offered at a nursing home is making sure residents exercise daily. While the type of exercise varies based on the resident’s ability, you may notice that your loved one seems to be having a harder time moving around. Before entering the nursing home, walking or standing for longer periods was not so difficult.

The problem could be that your loved one is being left to languish in bed instead of being encouraged to get up and move around. Even little things like making sure residents are making use of the common rooms or going for short walks around the grounds is part of the overall care effort. If that’s lacking, it’s time to do something about the neglect.

Changes in Demeanor

Your loved one has always enjoyed company and conversation. Over the last few weeks, that seems to have changed. The smiles are not as quick, and the conversation more often than not revolves around short answers to whatever you ask. Your loved one may even seem a little irritated that you dropped by. Since this is so different from the person you have known all your life, it pays to find out if some type of verbal or physical abuse has led to the personality changes. If this is happening, you definitely need the advice of a nursing home abuse attorney

The Room Smells or Looks Dirty

Cleanliness in a nursing home is a priority. In fact, nursing homes are expected to observe regulations that have to do with changing bed linens, mopping floors, and keeping bathroom facilities clean and tidy. If you have visited a few times and notice the linens need changing or the bathroom could use a good scrub, that’s a sign the staff is neglecting your elder friend or relative.

Dehydration or Emaciation

A sudden change in the skin or signs that your loved one is not eating could point toward something other than not liking the food. There is a chance that the staff is not preparing the types of meals promised in the nursing home contract. A lack of proper nutrition will lead to severe health issues for your loved one. The best thing to do is consult with the team at the J Garcia Law Firm and arrange for an independent physician to examine your loved one. Depending on the results, legal action may be appropriate.

Pleading to Go Elsewhere

If your loved one is pleading to be moved to another facility, don’t assume it’s just feeling homesick. There are likely some good reasons for wanting to be taken out of that environment. Arrange for a nursing home abuse attorney to be present while you find out why your loved one wants to live in a different home. If the answers indicate negligence, the attorney will know what to do.


If something seems wrong, call the J Garcia Law Firm today and arrange for a consultation. Your quick action may be just what is needed to ensure your loved one receives the care needed to feel safe and secure.

If you seek another great resource for nursing home neglect, visit this resource as well.

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