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Anytime you are involved in emotional abuse, it can change your life forever. Whether the abuse lasts 10 minutes or 10 years, the residual effects can be astounding. Emotional abuse is very hard to deal with and a lot of times, people have to see a therapist because of how much harm someone has done to them mentally. Our nursing home abuse attorney in Orlando explains that abuse doesn’t have to be physical. It can be mental and emotional as well. Unfortunately, unless you speak up about emotional abuse, it may be harder to detect whereas physical abuse is seen. JGarcia Law Firm urges you to protect yourself and stand up for what is right, even though it may be painful. The braver you are, the better it is for you in the long run.

3 Types Of Emotional Abuse

There are quite a few types of emotional abuse. It is never just black and white. Sometimes nurses and staff don’t even realize they are being abusive (although they should). Our nursing home attorney urges you to tell the staff member who is mentally hurting you that they are causing emotional damage. Point it out first to see what they say and see if they change their course of action. If they don’t, you must contact the JGarcia Law Firm which is armed with highly trained lawyers who can help you deal with your emotional abuse case. The 3 types of emotional abuse include:

  • Rejecting- There are a few different classifications of rejection that include harsh criticism, name-calling, yelling, refusing love, and shunning just to name a few.
  • Terrorizing- excessive teasing, threatening, extreme actions, hostility, and ridiculing are just a few of the ways staff and nurses can terrorize you. If a nurse threatens you or are inconsistent with their actions, it may cause damage to your emotional state of mind and you should report it.
  • Exploiting- Exploitation can be manipulated or forced activity. This type of abuse uses blame, shame, and judgment towards your behavior. No one should ever make you feel bad about yourself and if they do, know that it is not your fault.

What To Do For Your Emotional Abuse

If you have been emotionally abused, you should talk to someone right away. The last thing you want to do is let everything build up and then have a breakdown. This is not healthy and can cause serious emotional issues. No one should have to go through emotional abuse, but if you do, make sure you take care of yourself. Talking to someone is not a bad thing and in fact, may really help you see the other side of the issue. Do not let people take advantage of you.


When you have been through emotional abuse, you need to contact our nursing home abuse attorney. We are here to guide you and want to help you feel better by while bringing the accused to justice and helping you obtain closure. Contact the JGarcia Law Firm in Orlando today and let us fight for you. Call us at 407-649-6448 or visit our website! 411attorney.com.

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