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5 Way To Avoid Accidents During A Rain Storm

Driving is always a risk, whether it is a beautiful day out with no clouds in the sky or the rain is pouring down hard. You must always follow proper safety tips before you sit behind the wheel and start driving. Although you may be a safe driver, not everyone on the road is and […]

What To Do If a Loved One Suffers Paralysis as The Result of a Catastrophic Injury

Imagine you are performing your daily tasks and suddenly you receive a call that someone you love is in the hospital and has suffered paralysis from an unexpected injury. This can be devastating for family and friends. This catastrophe can happen in the blink of an eye, and at the most unlikely times. You can […]

The JGarcia Law Firm Gives Back To The Community

One of the most important parts of owning a business is giving back to the community. JGarcia Law Firm, P.A. started on the value of helping others. We opened our law firm in order to fight for people in the community when something unexpected happens and they need a lawyer. Along with taking your case […]